Immortality? For you two-legged moles,

Who aren’t worthy of even a day on earth?

Perhaps—after feeling deeply offended—

Lizards, toads, and worms will want the same. . .


Petty bourgeois with wings! Gingerbread and cakes!

They gorged themselves for half a century and now they want eternity. . .

Not a bad trade. “Show mercy and generosity!”

Give slaves license for eternity.


They’re the wardens of their own earthy prison,

Gnawing at each other in their tiny holes,

Stealing psalms from the prophets

To mutter in their temples once a week. . .


To us, the sighted, it’s eternal grief,

But for them, the blind, even Bengals are reliable,

Gold tinsel shines in the distance,

And wedding gowns are guaranteed!


Don’t beg! The Lord is wise and strict;

Earthly days are wretched and artless,

The Lord will not release you—on the threshold,

You will all rot like carrion in the street.