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J.M.G. Le Clézio: Hazaran

tr. from the French by Patricia E. Frederick
The Nobel Lecture

~ Special: December 2008


Frank McGuinness :  Andy Warhol Says A Mass


Kevin McFadden : Anticism!


Isabel Fargo Cole and Hermann Ungar : Two Stories

Ungar tr. from the German by Isabel Fargo Cole


Beatrix Ost : My Father’s House

tr. from the German by Jonathan McVity with the Author


Katherine E. Young : Bright Nostalgia: for Mandelstam


Lucy Gray : Big Tilda / Greil Marcus : Playlist


Laurie Calhoun : The Irrevocable Consequences of Cruelty


Rodney Nelson : Two Poems


Tracy Robinson : Open Your Eyes, Red!


Sasha Chernyi : Seven Russian Poems

technology and democracy 

Jeffrey H. Matsuura : Thomas Jefferson and Intellectual Property Law

a study in peace-making 

Helena Cobban : Amnesty After Atrocity?

sacred poetry 

Rumi : Ghazals and Ruba’is

tr. from the Persian by Iraj Anvar and Anne Twitty


Katherine McNamara : The Sea in Which They Are Found in Number

cover painting  by Bridget Flannery

A Statement in Support of Open and Free Discussion about U.S. and Israeli Foreign Policy and Against Suppression of Speech.


Kevin McMadden reads from his poetry, June, 2007

Sarah Arvio, A Reading from Sono, April 1, 2006

The Virtuous Republic, A Civic Conversation,”
Virginia Festival of the Book, March 2006, with Mark McGarvie and Barbara Smith;
Katherine McNamara, moderator.

Race in America,”
Virginia Festival of the Book, March 2006, with Nick Kotz and Cheryll Cashin;
Faith Childs, moderator.

podcasts hosted by the Charlottesville Podcasting Network

Special Editions:

The Great Book of Gaelic / An Leabhar Mòr
Institutional Memory (pdf)

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